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Elyssa Talburt #frosted extravaganza Harriet & Hazel holidays kids relax

It happens every year and every year it shocks me! December is over before it starts. Just once I want to enjoy every day in this month and relax and spend it with my family, instead I run around purchasing gifts, make gifts, overbook myself for parties and basic holiday extravaganza! One day when I'm older I vow to take this month OFF. I vow to relax. I vow to spend the time with my kids and their kids and just BE. Someday.

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Buy Pink

Elyssa Talburt BCRF breast cancer buy pink cancer fight fight breast cancer fight cancer Harriet & Hazel pink

We all have them...good days, great days and days you wish you never had to experience. I can only imagine how a woman feels when hearing those words "you have breast cancer" and think they would put that day into the "wish I never experienced this day" file and make it go away. But it's not an option. The only options are to fight, fight hard or fight the hardest fight you never thought you'd have to fight and beat this thing called breast cancer!!!!  Harriet&Hazel's "BUY PINK" promotion is to honor every woman fighting breast cancer! Everything pink is not...

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It's time......

Elyssa Talburt #frosted christmas Crystal gifts Harriet & Hazel holidays Nike Sneakers personalized personalized gift style Swarovski swarovski gifts

For what you ask? To start thinking about the holidays. We are seeing a jump in activity due to the season just around the corner...take advantage of sizes being in stock and turnaround times being 2-3 weeks as we anticipate turnaround times being longer the closer we get to Decemeber. We love you all and can't wait to #frost something for you or the ones you love! Team H&H

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