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Harriet & Hazel went global and now we're going down the street!

Elyssa Talburt

Talk about putting the horse, the cart and whole kit and caboodle before everything else....less than a year ago we shipped our first International item, now we ship to a new country practically weekly and to return customers as far away as Morocco and Abu Dhabi. The brush up on geographgy hasn't hurt either...I want to know where each and every item goes! I can imagine a large map in our new space with pretty little crystals everywhere we've shipped! Wish us well in our new endeavors as we wish each of you!  

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A first for us!

Elyssa Talburt Gifts Harriet & Hazel International Shipping

In the past 6 months my stay at home mom business went from a hobby to a full-blown business. I was as surprised as anyone! I really, really REALLY was!!!!! I'm just cruising along...adding Swarovski crystals to EVERYTHING I could find and then.... things got REAL! Orders from other countries started coming in. You would have thought I won the Powerball lottery the first time someone outside the USA ordered something from me....little ole me, in little ole Tulsa, working out of my little ole house. The first order was from Brisbane, Queensland...then Paris, France. PARIS, FRANCE...excuse me s'il vous plaît,...

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Harriet & Hazel's new website

Elyssa Talburt Crystal Gifts Harriet & Hazel Nike Sneakers Swarovski

Welcome to our new website, we create Stunning, Sophisticated, Simply....deserving items! Do you dream of customized gifts, handbags, travel and home accessories? Harriet & Hazel has the answer to your creative gift giving, self-spoiling, awe-inspiring custom Swarovski and diamond pave designs. Enjoy browsing our handcrafted swarovski monogrammed gifts and casual couture for every occasion.

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