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A first for us!

Elyssa Talburt Gifts Harriet & Hazel International Shipping

In the past 6 months my stay at home mom business went from a hobby to a full-blown business. I was as surprised as anyone! I really, really REALLY was!!!!! I'm just cruising along...adding Swarovski crystals to EVERYTHING I could find and then.... things got REAL! Orders from other countries started coming in. You would have thought I won the Powerball lottery the first time someone outside the USA ordered something from me....little ole me, in little ole Tulsa, working out of my little ole house. The first order was from Brisbane, Queensland...then Paris, France. PARIS, FRANCE...excuse me s'il vous plaît, isn't Paris the fashion capital of the world? And they ordered from me??? They must be the only ones in Paris with horrible taste I thought to myself...and then London, and more from Paris, again.... I thought to myself...I usually work alone so I have a lot of thoughts to myself, maybe people like Harriet&Hazel?? Not just my mom or my sister or my best friend but real people I've never met. Hmmm? Interesting.

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